Here is the list of downloadable files on Renewable Energy:

pdf 20190400 ATOM The Collision of Atomic and Flow Renewable Power in Decarbonization of Electricity Supply AT (7.92 MB)

pdf 20170300 RET Electric power system transition and the Polluter Pays Principle AT (343 KB)

pdf 20150600 RET The 2013 reforms of the Flemish renewable electricity support AT (1.45 MB)

pdf 20141000 RET Renewable electricity support how and why VT (3.50 MB)

pdf 20120600 RET Balancing Incumbent and Opposite Perspectives on Key Issues in the 100% Renewable Electricity Transition AT (161 KB)

pdf 20120600 RET Assessing the performance of renewable electricity support instruments AT (336 KB)

pdf 20120000 RET IPCC SRREN Summary for Policymakers AT (1.01 MB)

pdf 20120000 RET IPCC SRREN Technical Summary AT (15.84 MB)

pdf 20120000 RET IPCC SRREN Chapter 1 Renewable Energy and Climate Change AT (1.40 MB)

pdf 20120000 RET IPCC SRREN Chapter 11 Policy Financing and Implementation AT (6.95 MB)

pdf 20120000 RET IPCC SRREN Annex I Glossary Acronyms Chemical Symbols and Prefixes AT (140 KB)

pdf 20120000 RET IPCC SRREN Annex II Methodology AT (351 KB)

pdf 20120000 RET IPCC SRREN Annex III Recent Renewable Energy Cost and Performance Parameters AT (615 KB)

pdf 20100200 RET Renewable energy costs, potentials, barriers Conceptual issues AT (641 KB)

pdf 20091200 RET Basic concepts for designing renewable electricity supportfull transition aiming at a full scale transition by 2050 AT (684 KB)

pdf 20091000 RET Reporting Expenses and Revenues of RE supplies Net Present Value and Levelised Costs AT (191 KB)

pdf 20090400 RET Performance evaluation of renewable energy support policies, applied on Flanders' tradable certificates system AT (582 KB)

pdf 20090300 RET EU renewable energy support policy Faith or facts AT (119 KB)

pdf 20081100 RET Renewable and nuclear power A common future? AT (677 KB)

pdf 20050600 RET Solar House Tour with Pictures of Veerlepad 54 VT (10.78 MB)

pdf 20040600 RET How to promote renewable energy systems successfully and effectively AT (118 KB)

pdf 20040100 RET Tradable green certificates in Flanders (Belgium) AT (280 KB)

pdf 19960100 RET Windpower in Kenia VT (354 KB)

pdf 19931100 RET Projet micro hydro de Natitingou Yéripao (Bénin) VT (181 KB)

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