Sustainable Energy Transition

This site provides documents and slides of presentations about sustainability and energy transitions, climate policy, nuclear power, renewable power, cogeneration, and related subjects. Sustainable Development is the framing paradigm. Political economy suits my analysis of public and corporate energy-climate strategies.

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October 31, 2021: Nuclear Power and Sustainability Palgrave book chapter
October 28, 2021: Webinar visible on Youtube
October 28, 2021: Oral Comments at webinar presentation
October 28, 2021: Webinar Can carbon markets solve the climate crisis?
October 2, 2021: Decision-making when uncertainty and irreversibility matter
September 30, 2021: Self-governance in Global Climate Policy
September 15, 2021: Climate change - an issue of study and action
September 1, 2021: opens a spacious, green and ergonomic facility for co-workers and meetings in Antwerp
June 2021 Pricing Carbon Emissions: Economic Reality and Utopia ROUTLEDGE, 262p. is available as OPEN ACCESS ebook. Comments are welcome

On this site you mainly find text and slide pdfs available for downloading. The pdfs are classified in eight clusters, listed in the top menu Publications, and there is a roadmap of the site.
Various items in the wide field of energy & environmental economics and policy are covered. The framing paradigm of my research is Sustainable Development. Since a few years I adopted political economy as a perspective for analysis.
My research is conform the principle
          Prefer to speak true words receiving blame
          above deceiving advice in soliciting praise.
Direct access to my publications and lectures looks the most effective and efficient way of communication. I appreciate to be referenced when you use my work. When you want to share comments, please mail me via:


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