Here is the list of files about Climate & Energy Issues you can download:

pdf 20170904 CLIME The Political Economy of Energy Transition in the EU AS (2.12 MB)

pdf 20170830 CLIME Selfgovernance in Global Climate Policy AS (4.71 MB)

pdf 20170504 CLIME EU Energy & Climate Policy AS (3.36 MB)

pdf 20170200 CLIME Electric power system transition and the Polluter Pays Principle AT (343 KB)

pdf 20151229 CLIME Self governance in global climate policy An essay AT (958 KB)

pdf 20150610 CLIME Disruptive analysis for drastic & urgent transition changes AS (648 KB)

pdf 20150400 CLIME The Geopolitics of Oil in a Carbon Constrained World AT (3.98 MB)

pdf 20140930 CLIME Design, Process and Performance Criteria Provide Strutcure to Climate Policy AS (217 KB)

pdf 20140900 CLIME Could it be that stock stake holders rule transition arenas? VT (172 KB)

pdf 20140227 CLIME Climate Change, Energy Use, and Mitigation Policy AS (2.92 MB)

pdf 20130900 CLIME Peak oil supply or oil not for sale AT (958 KB)

pdf 20130400 CLIME Societal transformations in the face of climatechange AT (212 KB)

pdf 20111100 CLIME Preparing the Design of Robust Climate Policy Architectures AT (796 KB)

pdf 20110300 CLIME A Turbo Drive for the Global Reduction of Energy Related CO2 Emissions AT (279 KB)

pdf 20101000 CLIME Cancun muddling or policy reversal VT (36 KB) pdf 20101000 CLIME Views on peak oil and its relation to climate policy AT (642 KB)

pdf 20100129 CLIME Beyond Copenhagen AS (1.16 MB)

pdf 20091015 CLIME Beyond Kyoto, PlanB A climate policy masterplan based on transparent metrics AT (521 KB)

pdf 20090900 CLIME Cap&Trade and Tax Reform for Global Climate Policy Architecture AT (188 KB)

pdf 20081100 CLIME Kyoto, Bali, Copenhagen, Back to Washington AT (207 KB)

pdf 20080900 CLIME Windfalls and other profits AT (149 KB)

pdf 20071100 CLIME Time to dig up Tax Reform Aviel Verbruggen AT (270 KB)

pdf 20071000 CLIME Tax Reform Core of a workable climate policy AT (289 KB)

On December 12, 2015, COP21 in Paris adopted the Paris Agreement. The unanimous adoption prompted praise and high expectations. The agreement, however, is a grey text, opaque or silent about how the global atmosphere and climate commons may be governed. Scientific and societal media burst from many ideas and proposals about proper global policy regimes. This essay distills a consistent architecture from the diverse propositions, with Elinor Ostrom’s studies and recommendations playing the leading role. Elinor Ostrom (1933-2012) is the first and only female Economics Nobel price (2009) winner.

Download PDF:  pdf 20151229.CLIME.Self-governance in global climate policy- An essay (958 KB)

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