Download files about Atomic power

Here is the list of English edited documents on nuclear power (some of the documents may belong to another item, for example RET, when overlapping issues are studied.

pdf 20211031 ATOM Nuclear Power and Sustainability AT (615 KB)

pdf 20200219 ATOM Commentary on WNISR 2019 AS (3.98 MB)

pdf 20191015 ATOM Nuclear winter in Belgium AS (943 KB)

Extended version of February 2019 presentation

pdf 20190400 ATOM The Collision of Atomic and Flow Renewable Power in Decarbonization of Electricity Supply AT (7.92 MB)

Chapter in R. Haas et al.(Eds). The Technological and Economic Future of Nuclear Power. Energy Policy and Climate Protection. Springer Verlag, open access

pdf 20190205 ATOM Nuclear winter in Belgium AS (476 KB)

pdf 20170100 ATOM Positioning Nuclear Power in the Low Carbon Electricity Transition AT (1.86 MB)

pdf 20160621 ATOM Sustainability aspects of transitions to low carbon electricity supplies (IAEA) AS (3.88 MB)

pdf 20150100 ATOM Sustainability assessment og nuclear power Discourse analysis of IAEA and IPCC frameworks (954 KB)

pdf 20141029 ATOM Sustainability assessment of nuclear power (IAEE Rome) AS (564 KB)

pdf 20140100 ATOM Assessment of the actual sustainability of nuclear power AT (379 KB)

pdf 20130500 ATOM Belgian nuclear power life extension and fuss about nuclear rents AT (564 KB)

pdf 20120830 ATOM Sustainability of nuclear power facts and faith AS (382 KB)

pdf 20120710 ATOM Nuclear Phase out Choose & Act VS (566 KB)

pdf 20081100 RET Renewable and nuclear power A common future? AT (677 KB)

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