Sustainable Energy Transition

This site provides documents and slides of presentations about sustainability and energy transition. The site is under construction; it will take a few weeks to properly upload my files.

How to find the information you are interested in?

Dear visitor,

My previous website (2010-2017) got lost. This new site is set up as follows:

  1. English and Dutch (Nederlands) documents are separated.
  2. The main purpose of the site is to post documents via uploaded files
  3. There are four types of files AT • VT • AS • VS as combinations of A (Academic-Analytic), V (Viewpoint-Vulgarizing), T (text), S (slides)
  4. My research has covered eight fields

CLIME Climate & Energy nexus; At the global and EU level, e.g. UN COPs, EU Emissions Trading. Energy covers fossil fuels, atomic power (ATOM) and renewable energy (RET)

CHP Combined Heat & Power; Technical, economic and regulatory issues

ELEC Electricity supply; Electric generation system composition with costing & pricing; regulatory challenges

ENEF Energy Efficiency – Sustainable buildings; Energy Efficiency: economic decision-making applied on buildings, in particular housing

ENV Environmental Economics; Textbook (in Dutch); policy planning & instruments; state-of-the-environment reports; waste to energy; waste prevention; water sanitation

RET Renewable Energy; Financial support mechanisms; IPCC special report on renewable energy

ATOM Atomic power; Economic and sustainability assessment;

TRANS Transversal texts, beyond the above themes; Study of concepts, e.g. (ir)reversibility, complexity, sustainable development. Also practical and ad-hoc reports.

  1. The name of posted files is structured as: Date.FIELD.Title.TYPE

Date is the publication date mentioned as year-month-day for unique ranking.

FIELD see 4.

Title is the full or abbreviated title of the document.

TYPE see 3.

This direct access looks the most effective and efficient way of communication. When you want to share comments, please mail me. I appreciate to be referenced when you use ideas found via this site.



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